Species profile

Genus Vitis
Species V. berlandieri
Common name Spanish Grape, Fall Grape
Distribution Southern North America
Chromosome number 2n = 38
Morphological Description

It is a deciduous Climber growing to 10 m. Fruit is raw or dried for winter use. The fruit is rather small, but it is borne in very large clusters. It has a slightly bitter flavour, but is pleasant when fully ripe. Young leaves are wrapped around other foods and then baked, they impart a pleasant flavour. It is primarily known for good tolerance against soils with a high content of lime, but  poorly adapted to grafting.

Genome assembly


Phylogenetic tree

Population structure



Name: Berry weight   Scale: g


Author Title Journal Year PMID
Guo D L, et al. Genome-wide association study of berry-related traits in grape [Vitis vinifera L.] based on genotyping-by-sequencing markers Horticulture Research 2019 30603096
Liang Z, et al. Whole-genome resequencing of 472 Vitis accessions for grapevine diversity and demographic history analyses Nature Communications  2019 30867414