Submitting Data to VitisGDB

VitisGDB is a community resource dedicated to making research results broadly available. Researchers can help us meet this objective by submitting their data directly. Our curators can also help to clean up and properly present data at VitisGDB prior to publication. It will be helpful if you contact us before submitting your data so that we can help you through the process.

We currently accept genome assembly, germplasm, phenotype, maps and markers, and QTLs (see below). Please contact us if you have a different type of data you would like VitisGDB to host and we will work with you to make that happen.

All data types use the same spreadsheet template. 

Download the Excel spreadsheet template

Assembly and Annotation

A total of 22 Vitis genome assemblies are currently included in the VitisGDB. If you have a genome assembly you would like to share by VitisGDB, please contact us and download the submission template above. You will need to fill in the worksheets describing your publication and assembly: Pub and Assembly. Tools for available assemblies are JBrowse, BLAST, Downloads, and Synteny Visualization.


Based on sequencing data, we are working with the grape research community to deal with the issue of mislabeling or incorrect pedigree documentation of grape varieties. To submit your sequenced accession(s), please fill in the datasheets describing your publication (Pub), detailed information on accessions and sequencing methods (Germplasm). 1,265 sequenced germplasm can be seen here.


At present, the phenotype module in VitisGDB index numeric or categorical values for a total of 45 phenotypic traits from 1461 accessions. If you have any phenotypic data to complement VitisGDB, please fill in the datasheets Pub and Phenotype, which describe your publication and detailed data for your traits. You can see the phenotypic data that are loaded in VitisGDB here.

Markers and Maps

VitisGDB is collecting maps for grapevine and its wild relatives. If you have a map you would like loaded into VitisGDB, download the submission template above. You will need to fill in the worksheets describing your publication and map(s): Pub and Map_description, and the worksheet describing the markers, Map_markers. Available maps in VitisGDB are presented in View Genetic Maps.


To submit your QTL data, the current template is available at the link above. We would like to work with you to load your QTL data so that it is available online at or shortly after publication. The template asks for basic information about your publication (Pub), information about the phenotypic traits (QTL_Traits), association analysis result (marker_trait_asso) and the QTL themselves (QTL_Pos).