About VitisGDB

The Vitis genome and genetic database (VitisGDB) is an integrated genomic resource and a global web resource for Vitis. Currently, the incorporation of VitisGDB integrates data including genome assembly, genomic variation, phenotype, transcriptome and QTLs, providing a free access for data visualization, searching and downloading without registration. The overall aim of VitisGDB is to provide long-term storage and support to the grape research data and to provide informatics tools and services for access, data mining, and knowledge discovery.

data statistics

There are five types of data integrated in VitisGDB: (i) the basic information of Vitis species; (ii) the high-quality genome assembly and gene annotation results; (iii) the germplasm of resequenced accessions; (iv) phenotypic evaluation of resequenced accessions and QTL loci; (v) available genomic variants (markers) and linkage maps; and (vi) the information of tissues of deeply RNA-sequenced accessions with the underlying treatments. It is worth mentioning that all of the aforementioned data of Vitis has long been dedicating to the Vitis genomic research.